“Original and practical book on a vital topic which no one has looked at in depth before; simple and clear to read with lots of real world examples”

Alberto Forchielli, Managing Partner, Mandarin Capital Partners

“This should be the first item for global managers to put in their hand luggage”

Professor Nigel Nicholson, London Business School and author of the ‘I’ of leadership

“Quickly bookmark this for your ‘to-read’ list as it is a useful, insightful read”

Sadie-Jane Nunis, Singapore Institute of Management

“A thorough understanding of what makes a global organisation with ideas and reflections on how to go about it, written in a way which is neither simplistic nor dogmatic. Great read”

Bertrand Lavayssiere, Ares & Co, Strategy Consultancy.

Global Teams Book

Global Teams answers the questions most teams need to address:

  • How can I ensure my global team delivers results?
  • How can I communicate effectively across time zones, language, distance and culture?
  • How do I manage different cultures and ways of working?
  • How can we build a team which trusts and understands each other, remotely?
  • How can I influence, motivate and hold people to account when I rarely see them?
  • How do I need to adapt to succeed in a different culture?

Global Teams is based on original research and work with over 100 firms in most industries in over 50 countries. Globalisation used to be code word for spreading western practices around the world. Global Teams takes a truly global perspective and shows what it takes to make teams work anywhere in the world. What works depends on where you are: the rules are not the same in Beijing, Boston, Berlin and Bogota.

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