Harness The Potential Of Your Global Team

You can find plenty of theory about globalisation, but little about the practical reality of working successfully across borders. Based on over thirty years of original research and practical experience, we can help you unleash the full potential of your global teams.
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Questions We Address

How do I lead people who are so far away and different to me?

Can I trust my team to make decisions while I am asleep, and will they trust me?

How do we balance local and global goals?

How do I create a sense of team and connection across geographies, time zones and cultures?

How We Help

Conference solutions. We offer keynote speeches and workshops to help you build your global team and global mindset.

Team effectiveness. We offer a Global Deployment Programme to help new and existing teams set themselves up for success.

Global Best Practices syndicates. We bring together practitioners to share and develop best practice. These can be both single firm and multi-firm syndicates.

Jo Owen

Speaker, Author, Serial Entrepeneur

Jo Owen is a best-selling and multi-award winning leadership author, keynote speaker and social entrepreneur.

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“Original and practical book on a vital topic which no one has looked at in depth before; simple and clear to read with lots of real-world examples”

Alberto Forchielli, Managing Partner, Mandarin Capital Partners

“This should be the first item for global managers to put in their hand luggage”

Professor Nigel Nicholson, London Business School and author of the ‘I’ of leadership

“Quickly bookmark this for your ‘to-read’ list as it is a useful, insightful read”

Sadie-Jane Nunis, Singapore Institute of Management

“A thorough understanding of what makes a global organisation with ideas and reflections on how to go about it, written in a way which is neither simplistic nor dogmatic. Great read.”

Bertrand Lavayssiere, Ares & Co, Strategy Consultancy

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